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Massage Training Programs

Massage therapy is a field that is predicted to grow in the future and because of that, many people are seeking out massage therapy training programs.

There are programs all over the country.

Massage therapy training program requirements will vary by state.

Generally, each course will require 750 to 1000 course hours. On average, this will take a year to complete. Once this course is complete, a student will be prepared to sit for the certification exam that is required for a massage therapist to seek employment.

In the classroom portion, many topics will be covered. This will include topics such as anatomy and physiology to teach a student about all parts of the body, the history of massage, skin conditions and what to look for, as well as cleanliness and safety in the work place.

The hands on portion will teach massage techniques. Some techniques include Swedish massage, sports massage, chair massage and deep tissue massage.

The proper techniques and hand positions will be discussed and a massage routine will be taught to each student.

There will be clinical portion of the course where the students will perform what they learned on the general public.

Customers will come in and act like true clients. Students will treat them as such and will be graded on how they perform.

There are many massage therapist training programs out there and by enrolling in one of these courses, all of the knowledge, tips and techniques needed to be successful in this profession will be taught and practiced.