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Massage Continuing Education

Many therapists decide to take the test for National Certification after completing a massage therapy program.

However, applicants must meet certain requirements, and each training program is different.

This credential is valued by many employers. Becoming Nationally Certified is a commitment to maintaining the minimum requirement for massage therapy continuing education — 48 units and 200 work hours every 4 years.

Knowing the exact dollar amount to be spent on continuing education is also important.

With so many providers offering CEU’s, (continuing education units) it is common to find a wide variety of price tags associated with similar types of training materials. Each educational product has a different value, and this is determined by different therapists’ interests.

By having a clear idea of which type of courses best fit, the practitioner can decide what kind of education to pursue.

Usually, a Cranial-Sacral therapist might be more interested in a course in Neurology rather than Trigger Point Therapy or Pathology. However, since many therapists like to combine modalities, this may be a perfect fit for some practitioners.

The most important thing, regardless of personal preferences, is to make absolutely sure that the coursework qualifies for CEU credit by the NCBTMB.

If in doubt, contact them directly. They will give a list of approved providers, and that saves time and money during the search for education units.